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SHARING. The guiding principle for VMS France. Sharing values, sharing principles, sharing knowledge…
We would like to share our engagements with both companies and candidates.

Interview of Jean-Paul Vermes and Valérie Pihan-Coste

And now...

You fully understand your market and how it is changing, your products and services meet the requirements of your customers and prospects, your “processes” are at their peak…

It is the women and men of your company who ensure that it continues to advance.
By recruiting new talent, VMS France will help you bring your company to the performance level you want to achieve

Our extensive experience with executive search specialists and the tremendous loyalty of our customers testifies to this.

A strong sense of responsibility

It is common practice for both large and small industrial, commercial and service companies to outsource senior manager and office recruitment.

This task falls to Senior Manager and Officer Recruitment Consultants such as VMS France.

The stakes in the search for senior managers are high for companies.
This means that the firm selected to assist must devote all of its professionalism and skills to complete its assignments.


Intangible Values

At VMS France, we do not exercise our profession without the benefit of true values.
It is critical for us that we live each day to complete our assignments..

If we could only choose three, we would say that Ethics, Discipline, and Confidentiality govern our practice.