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Social Responsability

Very aware of its role in society, VMS France sees itself as a true bridge between companies and their future managers.

Companies are aware of the value of their employees.

We contribute to increasing this value by presenting candidates who, over and above their professional abilities, truly represent important intangible assets.

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Intangible Assets

“Experts” explain this concept well: “They are all the “nuggets of gold” in a company which are invisible to the naked eye, not managed, not accounted for and which go well beyond human capital or brand value, such as culture, mode of governance, in-house know-how, client relationships, the personalities of its managers, etc. Activating these intangible assets is a major source of renewable energy…”

No Discrimination

A signatory of the Halde Charter (The High Authority for Combating Discrimination and Supporting Equality or Haute Autorité de lutte contre les discriminations et pour l'égalité) and a member of Syntec Recrutement, the consultants of VMS France focus on fundamental human rights and reject any form of discrimination.
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Acknowledged specialists in senior manager recruitment, Jean-Paul Vermès and Charles-Henri Dumon have written a work published by Eyrolles entitled: “Le CV, la lettre et l’entretien“ (“The CV, the Letter and the Meeting”).

It is a book of advice on how to prepare for and successfully seek employment, with a major portion devoted to recruitment meetings, which require flawless preparation.