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VMS France has always worked with large international groups and SMEs. We find experts, senior managers, officers and directors. VMS France is a generalist office which is able to also work with specialists.

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Totally Knowledgeable of Major Changes in Businesses

Clearly, the extraordinary changes that companies have experienced over the past several decades have deeply changed their specialties.

A head of logistics is no longer the same position in 2013 as it was in 2003. An attorney or a tax specialist had to keep abreast of changes in their professions. A systems engineer has seen his profession disrupted by the arrival of new technologies – to say nothing of a marketing director who had to developed new skills in his profession ranging from CRM, the web and social networks. A senior manager, at the heart of globalization, has to understand new international strategies to define the axes of growth for his company…

VMS France consultants are fully aware of these changes. Therefore, they capable of finding the best employees for their customers.